Giorgio Lux Rectangle Shower Tray 1000 x 900 Graphite Slate

Giorgio Lux Rectangle Shower Tray 1000 x 900 Graphite Slate

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Giorgio Lux is a minimalist design shower tray with unique hidden maxi-flow waste.


There’s a unique design feature built into the Giorgio Lux shower tray, a detail that ensures water flows away freely without the use of a visible grate. This stylish stone resin tray is designed with an integrated maxi-flow waste outlet, so as the water hits the surface, it is channelled away discreetly and efficiently.

It’s just one more reason to love this exquisitely styled shower tray with its coolly understated slate finish. The luxurious material resists scratches and provides users with the perfect place to enjoy their shower – a sleek, slip-resistant surface that adds a touch of class to any shower enclosure and bathroom.

  • Beautiful natural slate finish
  • Highly durable, scratch and slip resistant surface
  • Solid colour throughout the entire non-porous gelcoat finish and resin core
  • Unique hidden and maxi-flow waste design
  • Colour matched grates available
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • 10 year guarantee

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Graphite Slate


Giorgio Lux




Length : 1000mm, Width : 900mm

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